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1.1 Introduction and Resources

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A. Introduction

The University of Texas System Office of Contracts and Procurement assists departments with the procurement of goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the educational, health care, and research missions of the UT System and entering into contractual agreements with suppliers and contractors.

Contracts and Procurement operates within the Office of Business Affairs, under the direction of Director, Contracts and Procurement. Staff includes an assistant director along with a team of support staff.

The Office of Contracts and Procurement is located in the UT System Building, 210 7th Street, Austin, TX 78701.

B. Overview of Key Functions

Contracts and Procurement provides comprehensive leadership of the procurement and contracting processes from inception (planning of the procurement/contract) through contract administration, reporting and close-out.

Contracts and Procurement performs the following tasks:

  • Facilitating the procurement of goods and services to support the activities of the UT System departments
  • Obtaining the highest quality equipment, supplies and services at the least total cost
  • Developing strategic supplier relationships
  • Processing formal competitive solicitations and other complex procurements
  • Reviewing, negotiating and executing contracts
  • Monitoring contract status and contractor performance
  • Advising departments of contractual rights and obligations
  • Ensuring compliance with The University of Texas System, State of Texas and federal laws, rules, regulations and procedures

C. Resources