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3.5 Hotel, Catering and Event Agreements

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UT System Administration departments initiate agreements with hotels for a variety of activities, including guest room blocks; conference rooms, or related services. The agreements are for hotel space locally in Austin, throughout Texas and out of state.

Using the UT System Standard Hotel Agreement template is preferred as the template addresses most scenarios and has separate attachments for guest room accommodations and for conference room, catering, equipment, and auxiliary services. If the department is responsible for payment of invoices, the DCA should route to CNP for review prior to obtaining hotel representative signature. 

If the hotel will not accept the UT System Standard Hotel Agreement, use the UT System Hotel Addendum template. The addendum is completed and attached to the hotel's contract.

If the agreement is greater than $15,000, the DCA should obtain three (3) quotes and/or complete the Hotel Contract Exclusive Acquisition Justification form (ref. UT System Procurement Guidelines Matrix); and submit to the Office of Contracts and Procurement (CNP) with the Business Affairs Contract Processing Checklist (Checklist) and the hotel contract. 

Hotel Agreements must be submitted to CNP with a Checklist for review, processing, and signature.

Contact Contracts and Procurement for guidance on completing Catering and Event Agreements that do not use the UT System Standard Hotel Agreement Template