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3.6 Master Agreements for Use by Other UT Institutions

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UT System Administration departments, through the Office of Contracts and Procurement, may initiate contracts that are intended for use by UT institutions. The contracts result from a Request for Proposal (RFP) process that typically includes subject matter experts from the institutions in developing the Scope of Work (SOW), evaluating proposals and recommending contract awards. The contracts include a “Project Addendum” intended for execution by the contracting office at the institution. Many of these contracts are awarded to multiple contractors providing the institutions with a variety of options for provision of the services.

Current Systemwide agreements include, but are not limited to:


Sponsoring UT System Department

Executive Search Firms

Human Resources

Athletic Position Recruiting

Academic Affairs

Audit Services

System Audit Office

Healthcare Consulting Services

Health Affairs/Finance

Fundraising Consulting Services

External Relations

  Media Monitoring Services   External Relations


Access to Contract Information

UT staff can access contracts, contract launch briefs and contractor contact information at Systemwide Contracts 

Sponsoring Department Responsibilities

  • Provide a Departmental Contract Administrator (DCA) as a primary point of contact with the contractor
  • Communicate and promote the contract with the staff at the UT institutions
    • Coordinate a contract kick-off meeting with CNP to include key functional staff and procurement staff at the UT institutions
  • Develop a contract monitoring plan which includes the DCA providing periodic written status reports, including dollars spent by institution, to CNP
  • Contact CNP to report any significant issues that would require notification of executive management

UT Institution Responsibilities

  • Obtain proposals from a minimum of three of the awarded contractors if no specific costs for services are outlined in the contract
    • If only one or two contracts exist, all awarded contractors must be asked to submit proposals
    • Selection should be based upon use of best value criteria
  • Execute the Project Addendum with signature by an authorized signor with delegated authority to sign contracts
    • UT institutions should not change any language in the Project Addendum
    • Include detailed Exhibits to address Scope of Work, Project Schedule and Project Cost
    • Execute any Exhibits as may be required to comply with FERPA and HIPAA requirements if required

Office of Contracts and Procurement Responsibilities

  • Manage the RFP process and approve the contract award
  • Assist the department in negotiating agreements with each of the awarded contractors
    • Obtain assistance from the Office of General Counsel as required
  • Participate in contract award conferences and periodic contract reviews
  • Provide UT institution contracting offices with access to contract documents and advice on how to execute project addenda
  • Report any significant contract disputes or issues to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

Additional Requirements

  • Contracts are awarded without a specific cap on the value of the contract and require Board of Regents Approval
  • Contracts are regarded as “high risk” and require enhanced monitoring as identified in Contracting Procedure CNP 3.8 “Contract Monitoring”