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Do you wish you could use a tool like the UT Physical Activity Challenge platform throughout the year to track your activity and keep up with colleagues on the Walking Wall? Well, we have good news for you. You can! You’re able to opt-in any time and begin logging in 10K-A-Day*.

10K-A-Day is a physical activity campaign and tracking tool that encourages you to accumulate 10,000 steps each day, while virtually traversing a variety of global trails. This tracking tool is available for you to use year-round. Get daily wellness tips, invite friends, and virtually travel the world as you log activity.

Opt in to 10K-A-Day

*The 10K-A-Day is a year-round, self-paced tracking program available to UT SELECT and UT CONNECT members that opt-in. 10K-A-Day does not constitute a wellness challenge.