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The UT System health institutions play a key role in education. Within the System's six health institutions, there are four medical schools, two dental schools, three nursing schools, four biomedical science graduate schools, four schools of health professions as well as a school of biomedical informatics and a school of public health with five regional campuses.

Educating more high-quality professionals is a strategic priority of the UT System. Among public academic health institutions in Texas, the UT System awarded more than two-thirds of all health-related degrees. UT System health institutions annually award:

  • More than 3,200 degrees

  • More than 800 graduates of medical schools

  • More than 160 graduates of dental schools

  • More than 180 Ph.D. medical scientists

  • More than 900 graduates from nursing schools (including nearly 290 master's and Ph.D.s)

  • More than 640 graduates from health profession schools (including over 300 master's and Ph.D.s)

  • More than 200 public health scientists (169 master's and 44 Ph.D.s)

The UT System enrolls 63% of all underrepresented minorities in health-related professional degree programs in Texas. Nationally, UT System institutions rank high for health-related degrees to minorities:

  • Eight institutions in top 50 (three in top 5) of Hispanic baccalaureates in health professions/clinical sciences.

  • Four in top 25 (three in top 10) of Hispanic master's degrees in health professions/clinical sciences.

  • Both UT dental schools are in top 20 of Hispanic professional degrees in dentistry. One dental school in the top 20 for African-American professional degrees in dentistry.

  • Two institutions in top 25 of African-American professional degrees in medicine.

  • All four UT medical schools are in top 15 (two in top 5) of Hispanic professional degrees in medicine.