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Information Security: System Administration

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System Administration Information Security Program

Under the guidance of the U.T. System Chief Information Security Officer, the U.T. System Administration Information Security Program works to ensure the following:

    • risk to System Administration information assets is reduced;
    • System Administration information resources are secured against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss;
    • System Administration information security program goals and objectives are documented and verifiable, and meet regulatory and U.T. System compliance requirements.


    Phishing Simulations (login required)

    July 2020: "Action required - Policy reminder"

    June 2020: "Join Meeting Invite Now"

    May 2020: "Voicemail from Laura Murray"

    April 2020: "Join meeting now."

    March 2020: "Here's the folder Danielle Pearson shared with you."

    February 2020: "Happy Valentine's Day from UT System!"

    January 2020: "Jessica's invitation is awaiting your response"

    December 2019"Accounts scheduled for deletion"

    November 2019"Your data may have been accessed illegally"

    September 2019:  "Scan from \ROIPrint\MyScans"

    August 2019: "Account Security Alert"

    July 2019: "Thank you for your great work!"

    June 2019"Your inbox is over the limit"

    May 2019: "Your order has been processed"

    April 2019:  "Scan from Laser Pro i780 Second Floor"

    March 2019:  "Password Review"

    February 2019"Package Undeliverable"


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